Family Offce and Private Client Services - Plymouth, MN
The Home of Phillip James Private Client Services


We act as a Fiduciary for all of our clients. We always act in your best interest. We are truly an independent firm.


Trusted Advisor and Advocate


As a Fiduciary, we always act in your best interest. We manage your wealth the same way we manage our own. We strive for objectivity, each decision made with your personal situation in mind.


We advocate for you. Because we are not affiliated with any brokerage firm we can remain unbiased, free from any outside influences.


Our unique approach to wealth management and its delivery is what clients really enjoy. Because of the comprehensive nature of this service offering we intentionally limit the number of households we serve so we can be dedicated to you and your families needs.


Our fees are straightforward. We never collect a commission or referral fee. We charge a percentage of the assets we manage, noted below:

$1 - $4,000,000 1.0%

$4,000,000 + 0.45%

Minimum of $2,000,000 Invested