Family Offce and Private Client Services - Plymouth, MN
The Home of Phillip James Private Client Services


We provide the full range of wealth management services. Everything is integrated. Like a puzzle, all the peices need to fit together or you can’t clearly see the bigger picture. We are a local multi-family office.

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As a client you have access to our full range of services.

Everything is integrated and customized to you and your family’s specific situation. We help you fit all the pieces together, so nothing is missed and your financial life is organized, optimized, and efficient.

Our services are tailored to each client. However, in addition to the above we provide advice and guidance on employee/executive compensation (incentive stock options, RSUs, deferred comp, concentrated stock positions), retirement cash-flow planning (timing and sourcing of withdrawals), RMD management, limiting the overall tax drag on your portfolio. We utilize asset location, tax-loss harvesting, asset allocation, and other strategies to manage your wealth. This all leads to significant tax savings, increased portfolio efficiency, and an overall peace of mind from knowing everything is in order.

Due to the complexity of our planning this private client offering is best designed for individuals and families with over $2,000,000 of investable assets. We are also only able to take on a specific number of clients at one time. If we are too busy at the time you contact us, we will let you know, in which case we have a waiting list. We are currently taking on new clients.  


List of Services

Cash Flow Planning

Retirement Planning

Health Care Planning

Legacy & Estate Planning

Volatility & Risk Planning

Tax Loss Harvesting

College Planning

Comprehensive Withdrawal Strategy

Employee Incentive Pay - RSUs, ISOs, etc.

Concentrated Stock Positions

Deferred Compensation Plans

Total Portfolio Mgmt including 401(k) plans

Asset Allocation

Asset Location

Social Security & Pension Income Planning

Self-Directed 401(k) Management